Sharing the experience

A huge thank you to clients and patients who have taken the time to share their experience.

Excellent service, very professional.
Even I was able to relax and appreciate the treatments.

AB Castle Bromwich

I first met Pauline at the most terrible time of my life. Initially Pauline listened to everything I had to say, without any judgement. The total body massages were magnificent, healing and soothing to my body. Pauline’s hands certainly have the sensitivity and strength in them to heal the body.

DS Yardley Wood

My holistic massage with Pauline of Simply Holistic Therapies was a really enjoyable and therapeutic experience. She was calming, relaxing and her massage technique was thorough and at the same time enjoyable. She helped loosen tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. I left feeling laid-back and happy.

LS Sutton Coldfield

As a very, very busy person I have always wanted to access affordable, high quality and friendly massage therapy. I struggled to find a therapist who I felt comfortable with. Simply Holistic Therapies met all of my needs:-
Provided a mobile service so I received a relaxing massage in the
comfort of my own home.
During the massage I was made to feel safe and secure....
so much so I actually fell asleep.
A very affordable service.

KC Erdington

Gentle, effective therapies carried out in a professional, caring way.

AF Burntwood

I've been a regular client of Pauline Miller for about 4 years and feel that she delivers a very comfortable
and healing experience with holistic massage therapy and reiki. She is also very experienced with post mastectomy manual lymphatic drainage which was approved and encouraged by my surgeon. I've had no post operative problems and the site has healed very well.

PW Bournville

In addition to the quality and profoundly beneficial effects of the treatments (both MLD and Reiki), I found Pauline to be the easiest of people to talk to. Feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that your worries and concerns are in wise and capable hands is an essential requirement, but sadly not all holistic practitioner’s have this natural gift. Pauline is indeed a wise owl.

CG Handsworth

Pauline Miller is a very genuine person. Very helpful and sympathetic towards her patients problems. Certainly I would recommend her skills.

RA Sutton Coldfield

I found Pauline when I was looking for an MLD therapist to treat my
badly swollen legs. Thanks to the treatment that I have now been having regularly, the swelling has been greatly reduced, the tightness in my legs has gone, so has the horrible aching if I walked any appreciable distance. I will continue with my treatment indefinitely as I am certainly reaping the benefits from structured
regular sessions with Pauline.

Would I recommend Pauline & Simply Holistic Therapies? ABSOLUTELY!

SW Erdington

My therapist is always welcoming, putting me at ease. Very knowledgeable, helpful, keen to listen to MY needs. Extremely professional. Think she was made to do this job. Excellent client skills, really caring. What a lovely lady, just listening to her voice relaxes me. Thank you Pauline

LC Erdington

A variety of treatments to have in your own home, carried out by a true professional, made to suit one’s needs.

MM Washwood Heath

Pauline provides a friendly and understanding approach to problems I have had during a very stressful year. After my massage treatment I felt much more relaxed in both mind and body.

SD Great Barr

Pauline has developed the art of combining skill and professionalism with literal doses of kindness and TLC

PW Bournville

As a Complementary Therapy Volunteer these last 2½ years you have had a direct impact on the
patients and their families.  Our Complementary Therapy team has worked hard to try and give patients and carers quality of life by providing physical comfort, emotional support or relief from symptoms.  Addressing these issues requires a great deal of expertise and can transform a patient’s life – giving them back a renewed vigour or
helping them feel normal again if only for a short while.

On behalf of the Hospice and your friends at St Mary’s, I would like to thank you for the time you have given and the difference you have made.

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice (Life Changing) December 2008

I have been delighted with the MLD treatment received from Pauline at Simply Holistic Therapies.
My legs were aching and swollen, but after 6 sessions with Pauline much improved, so much relief.
I intend to keep up my treatment with Pauline at Simply Holistic Therapies.
Certainly recommend to anyone needing help.

RA Sutton Coldfield


Very relaxing, helped ease symptoms

Feeling of well-being and relaxation during and after treatment

Everything, the actual treatment & the dialogue and sensitivity

The whole experience, particularly the sensitive and therapeutic massage

The way I was made to feel during the experience – relaxed, safe and secure

Excellent practitioner. Effective treatment. Very professional

A feeling of complete relaxation during and after the treatments.
The added bonus of having them at home.

Quote – ‘It did what it said on the box’. Exactly what I wanted.

Quality and effectiveness.

Feel really well afterward, less aches, really appreciated the MLD after mastectomy,
GREAT for stress when I was still working!

Made me feel at ease immediately, and listened to MY needs.


Open hearted...
The heart is like a
flower – unless it is open
it cannot release its fragrance into the world. The fragrance of the
heart is made up of the qualities and virtues of
our spirit. Most of us
have learned how to
keep our heart closed in
a world that would
trample all over us if we
let it. Being open hearted today seems to require tremendous courage.
It is a courage which comes only when we realise that no one can hurt us, no matter what they say or do. They may hurt our body, but if
we have realised we
are spirit, nothing
outside can touch us,
if we so decide.





































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